Trump says presidents can declassify sensitive docs ‘even by thinking about it,’ there’s no formal process [VIDEO]

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Former President Trump sat down to an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday and explained that there is no formal process for a president to declassify documents and they can do so “even by thinking about it.”

Trump has repeatedly stated that he declassified documents taken from the White House to his Mar-a-Lago estate when he left office. Many of them were ostensibly destined for his presidential library. Despite the assertion, the FBI raided his home in Florida, seizing his passport, medical records, tax records, and even his will along with documents they contended were classified.

“There doesn’t have to be a process, as I understand it,” Trump told Hannity clapping back at the FBI’s excuse for raiding his home. “If you’re the president of the United States, you can declassify just by saying, ‘It’s declassified.’ Even by thinking about it.”

“There can be a process, but there doesn’t have to be. You’re the president. You make that decision. So when you send it, it’s declassified,” he asserted. “I declassified everything.”

The interview came just hours after a federal appeals court ruled that Justice Department attorneys could continue looking at the documents marked as classified that were taken from Mar-a-Lago during the August raid.

The emergency ruling overturned a trial judge’s order, which blocked federal investigators’ work on the documents until they could be reviewed.

During the interview, Trump threatened to release security camera footage of agents ransacking his house but intimated he would pixelate their faces to protect their identities, according to the Daily Mail.

Presidents have broad power to declassify records. In this case, it triggered leftists in the intelligence agencies who saw an opportunity to go after him. Other former presidents have never been treated in such an outrageous manner but Democrats are desperate to stop Trump from running in 2024 in any way they can and the raid is seen by many as yet one more attempt to accomplish their goal.

Trump’s legal team has noted the former president’s right to declassify records. The media is making a huge deal of his attorneys not actually stating that he did so which is a weak contention at best.

The Department of Justice also seized on the issue and pointed out that the attorneys were insinuating he had the right to declassify documents, not fully contending that he actually carried through doing it, according to The Hill.

According to Trump. the General Services Administration (GSA) and other White House staff were responsible for packing up boxes at the end of his tenure with pictures, newspaper articles, and other materials included in the mix.

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