The Twisted, Racist Logic Behind The Left’s Soft On Crime Agenda



There’s generally a sinister, selfish motive behind most of the left’s supposedly ‘compassionate’ policy positions. At its root that motive comes down to raw power. Exploit fears over a novel virus, or the natural human tendency to care about the beauty and cleanliness of our environment, for more power and control. Create and maintain a wide-open border so more future voters will come swarming in. Give enough money away via welfare and other social programs, thereby purchasing multiple generations of dependent voters who believe they can’t afford to vote any other way. You get the picture.

But of late, many of the left’s obsessions don’t seem to be about power alone. Instead, they are about belief in the tenets of what can only be described as a cult … the cult of works. To the wokist, a quasi-religion that has captured the hearts and minds of a vast majority of Democrats and even some Republicans, the logic, the viability, and even the popularity of their truth claims do not matter in the least. Instead, what matters is that those truth claims, however absurd and however unlikely most people are to believe them, are openly assented to by all and openly challenged by none.

To what end? It’s difficult to say. Maybe they believe the public will come around eventually if all dissent is crushed and the insanity is pummeled into enough brains. It’s worked to some extent on some issues, at least on the surface. Maybe a few believe their BS and that they have to adhere to it all to be a ‘good person,’ and that being a ‘good person trumps all, even power. Which would be somewhat altruistic, I suppose, if their beliefs were grounded in any actual truth. But they aren’t, sadly, and so we’re stuck with nonsense like women are men, men are women, all cultures are of equal value, ‘whiteness’ is the cause of all evil in the world, and driving an electric car will stop hurricanes, or something.

Of course, belief is one thing. Believe what you want. I don’t care. But when the wackiest of those beliefs start driving implemented policies, things start to go especially awry. Enter the left’s inexplicable (at least until this column) soft-on-crime agenda, a perfect example of a woke policy position that has few electoral upsides. Is emptying prisons, arresting almost no one, and filling the streets with violent criminals a recipe for electoral success? History and polling suggest otherwise, yet here we are, with most Democrats advocating vehemently, as if their souls depend on it, for exactly those things.

Insane policy positions like this don’t lead to obtaining power, only losing it. Law and order have always been and will continue to remain a key issue driving GOP turnout. Yet, leftists continue to insist on giving their political opponents fuel because, in a twisted way, soft-on-crime policies perfectly align with their wokist religion, a religion that demands adherence despite all political downsides.

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