Socialists Represent The Politics Of Personal Inadequacy

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These people are being ruthlessly and easily used by those who wish to continue to control the government. Our system now caters to those who are thought to be unnecessary to the social structure in all areas but their vote. They are the people who have been left in the background of society while the movers and shakers plunge forward towards the ultimate goal of total control. Socialists’ resentments have been building for the past century and finally their chance at retribution against the hated “them” has arrived. They do not realize that they are being used to grow the agenda of ruling class of “them”. By the time their self-awareness arrives, so will the cattle cars.

Do socialists have the ability to learn? The ability to imagine another point of view is beyond their purview.  Independent thought is proscribed.  This emotional instability makes actually even reviewing another persons’  opinions impossible.  The basis of this problem is of course having a poorly functioning amygdala.  The fear of different ideas activates the flight response or in this case screams of terror.  This makes an intelligent discussion or debate impossible.

 Even the choice of events on which to focus is beyond a socialists’ abilities. There is very little in their opinions beyond the bumper sticker depth of knowledge concerning current dogma. They have learned that screaming and whining gets attention which they desperately require as well as the benefit of overwhelming a polite opposing point of view.  Being in a group creates an emotional security for the first time since being ostracized in jr. high school. Political professionals designed a program to harness these unfortunates to the wagon of socialism and sent them into the street with the hired thugs of BLM.  

Socialism is the only political development since the William Jennings Bryan “Cross of Gold “speech in 1896.  Populist/socialism in the form of Teddy Roosevelt began its’ slow march into the dominant force in world politics today.  William Jennings Bryan was the socialist candidate for president in 1916.  He would be aghast at the current Socialist Party and their support from the entire Wall Street cabal.  Instead of the little guys teaming up to obstruct their financial betters, the socialists/democrats are now the party that caters to the banks and their corporate lackeys.  The little guy in the union or the college trained simpleton has not been able to fathom the shift in the dogma of his controllers during the past hundred years. They still rant about “taxing the rich.”

Politics revolves around money instead of ideology which  college types have never understood.  Even now when it should be obvious, it is beyond their ability to grasp.  Today the focus is to increase the influence and wealth of Joe Bribe’em and his 10% cut. The flow of funds is the basis of politics and the change of the source means a politician will adjust either stated beliefs or affiliation to keep the checks coming.  If you would ask if the current estrogen based voter supports big business, the answer would be a screeching NO!  The program returns to the bumper sticker level of knowledge of this democrat demonstrator.

This type of individual wants socialism because they need structure to support their instabilities and Ritalin habit and can be counted on to perform any duty assigned to them to further the cause.  All that is required for their time is a box of doughnuts.  We suffer accordingly.

The Madame

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