Social media confused as Biden holds hands with Gov. Whitmer at auto show

Washington Examiner


Social media users were quick to react after President Joe Biden arrived at the Detroit Auto Show hand-in-hand with Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

In a video of his arrival, the two are seen walking and talking. Some online have already labeled the hand-holding as “creepy” and “weird.”

Republican Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon, who is endorsed by former President Donald Trump, sounded off on the odd photographs and videos of her opponent and the president.

“Holding hands as they drive our state off a cliff,” tweeted Dixon.

Former acting Director of National Intelligence and former Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell said, “Gretchen Whitmer wants Joe Biden to dump Kamala Harris,” adding that he hoped “they are talking about Michigan students’ plunging reading and math scores.”

Biden has been criticized in the past for odd or inappropriate gestures. In 2019, he left people puzzled when he nibbled his wife Jill Biden’s finger during a campaign stop as she spoke onstage.

He has also been accused of sniffing hair and invading the personal space of primarily women on various occasions, which he has vowed to be more careful about since.

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