Serial Liar Adam Schiff Refuses to Commit to Testifying before Congress after Threatening Trump for Years with House Subpoenas [VIDEO]

The Gateway Pundit


For years Democrat Adam Schiff pushed the fake, Hillary Clinton-funded Steele Dossier knowing it was a complete lie funded by Democrats.

The Democrats and Deep State attempted a coup of President Trump using the bogus document as their source.

Schiff knew all along there was no proof of Trump-Russia collusion. It was a ridiculous lie and they all knew it was false.

Schiff lied and said he did not know the identity of the Trump-Ukrainian call whistleblower.

Schiff lied and accused President Trump of cheating to win the 2016 election — Now he is investigating Republicans who called the 2020 election a lie.

Now Republican House leaders are looking to subpoena Adam Schiff to testify before Congress on his many horrific actions and his years of lying to the American public.

Earlier today Adam Schiff was asked if he will testify before the US House of Representatives and he refused to rule out the possibility of refusing a legitimate congressional subpoena.

This comes after years of him threatening President Trump to testify based on rumors, lies, and innuendo.

Midnight Rider captured the before and after segments.

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