SEE IT: Biden’s Pinocchio nose grows in NYC billboard

Washington Examiner


A campaign opposed to the Inflation Reduction Act has released a new ad specifically targeting what it calls President Joe Biden’s broken promises to small businesses.

Job Creators Network said it was unveiling the “Stop Lying to Small Businesses” billboard in New York City’s Times Square on Friday, blasting tax increases and the adding of Internal Revenue Service agents.

“The Biden administration has obviously taken small business owners and the American people for a ride — playing fast and loose with the facts at every opportunity,” JCN CEO Alfredo Ortiz told the Washington Examiner in a statement. “Despite spin from the White House press room, the economy is in the dumps, wage increases are being engulfed by high inflation, and small businesses and the middle class will be subject to tax increases that roll downhill.”

The digital billboard ad, which features the image of Biden and his nose growing, questions the validity of Biden’s campaign promises related to taxes, IRS audits, and inflation.

“Administration officials are likely spinning the truth in an attempt to reverse free falling approval ratings, but small businesses won’t be duped,” Ortiz said. “Now with this billboard, Biden’s growing Pinocchio nose is on display for all Americans to see.”

Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act, which provides $80 billion to overhaul the IRS, including a $46 billion provision that has led to estimates that the IRS would hire 87,000 additional agents over 10 years to replace the 50,000 who are meant to retire in that time frame. However, the bill does not explicitly say that number, as some Republicans have indicated.

IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig defended the Inflation Reduction Act, saying it will offer additional services to taxpayers.

“The IRS has struggled for many years with insufficient resources to fulfill our important mission,” Rettig said. ”During the next 10 years, these funds will help us in many areas, including adding critical resources to not just close the tax gap but meaningfully improve taxpayer service and technology.”

The billboard is part of a series of JCN ads recently targeting the Biden administration’s handling of the economy.

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