OUCH! Musk Responds To Kimmel’s ‘POS’ Insult



Former funny man, Jimmy Kimmel, made a point of letting Musk know he was upset with him.

That’s essentially Jimmy Kimmel’s thing now – letting people know that their behavior does not meet Jimmy’s expectations.

Perpetual self-righteous butthurt is just not that funny, Jimmy.

Musk, not one to shy away from making his opinion known, replied to Kimmel with the depth of thought and introspection the ex-comedian’s criticism demanded.

LOL. ‘Cry more’ in emoji form. Musk couldn’t bother himself to give Kimmel more than 1 character.

NOTHING bothers these folks more than being told they’re just not that important. We love it.

Others loved it too.

Jimmy Kimmel has made it very clear in recent years that the standard of perfection he demands is full devotion to his left wing political beliefs.

We’re under no illusions that Elon Musk is the next great ambassador of conservative values. He has, however, taken the right stand on free speech and authentic tolerance for differing opinions.

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