Nicholas Sandmann Asks Musk To Release “hidden twitter files” Related To Death Threats Against Him and Covington Catholic Kids, Including “Woodchipper” Tweet From Disney Producer

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Nicholas Sandmann, a former Covington Catholic High School student who traveled to Washington DC with a busload of classmates in January 2017 to walk with thousands of young pro-life kids in the annual March for Life, was a victim of hate and intolerance of the racist hate group Black Hebrew Israelites and the habitual liar and teen bully Native American, Nathan Phillips. Phillips became a hero to the Left after then-17-year-old Nick Sandmann refused to be intimidated by him, as he stood his ground and faced the leftist agitator while he repeatedly banged a drum within inches of his face.

Initially, when the story first came out on Twitter, Sandmann was accused of being part of a crowd of #MAGA hat-wearing teens who surrounded Nathan Phillips, and his group at an “Indigenous Peoples March” in D.C. Leftists on Twitter were saying things like the boys were “threatening” Phillips, and that they were chanting “Build the Wall.” Celebrities like Debra Messing attempted to tie them to an accused rapist who allegedly once attended their high school. Actor Ron Perlman threatened they would live a life of regret. Former comedian Kathy Griffin begged people to “dox” (expose their identities, including their home addresses, place of work, school, etc.) the teenage boys. Within hours, the name of the boy’s high school was plastered all over social media, as well as Nick Sandmann, the boy who unwillingly found himself at the center of the controversy. The boys and their families almost immediately began to receive death threats.

Arlen Parsa was one of the first people on Twitter to brag about securing the name of Nick Sandmann, or “the main student,” as he refers to them in his tweet. Parsa behaves as though doxing a group of young Catholic boys is some sort of blood sport, telling the left, “Hop on” his thread, “because I’m going to walk you through some deep but important stuff.” His Twitter feed continued to drop pieces about the boys, teasing that he knew where Sandmann’s mother worked.


The cowardly filmmaker Arlen Parsa, who was allowed to keep his Twitter account after doxing a teenager, who was a victim of hate by the Left and his mother,  has since locked down his Twitter account and made it “private.”

Here is just one example of a death threat against the Covington Catholic students.

“Uncle Shoes” called on his followers to “Lock the kids in the school and burn that bitch to the ground.” He also called on his “friends” to “fire on any of those red hat bitches when you see them!” He added, “On sight.” In other words, he was asking his MAGA-hating friends to kill anyone wearing a red MAGA hat.

Covington Catholic High School was forced to close only days after the incident in D.C. out of concern for the number of serious threats leveled at the boys who, in the end, were victims of racial, religious, and political targeting by hate preachers who identify as the “Black Hebrew Israelites” and Nathan Phillips.

In what can only be described as grotesque, Today Show host Savannah Guthrie, who secured the first interview with Nicholas Sandmann, post-DC bullying by the Left, creatively tried to make Nick Sandmann take responsibility for the bullying he received by the fake Vietnam veteran, Nathan Phillips.

When Sandmann attempted to explain to Guthrie that he was standing still so the conflict would die down, Guthrie tried to make Sandmann look like he was at fault for not doing a better job of handling the conflict with the full-grown man, “Why didn’t you walk away?” Sandmann told her that he wished he would have walked away. Sandmann told her, “I didn’t want to be disrespectful to Mr. Phillips and walk away if he was trying to talk to me.” Guthrie asked him, “What do you think that looks like?” Sandmann, who was perfectly composed, answered her perfectly, “I see it as a smile, saying that this is the best you’re going to get out of me. You won’t get any further reaction of aggression, and I’m willing to stand here, as long as you want to hit this drum in my face.” Guthrie then accused the young boy of being “aggressive” for standing there,” telling him, “you both stood your ground, and it was like a stare-down.”  Nick Sandmann refuses to take her bait and accept responsibility for being bullied by a full-grown man. “Mr. Phillips had his right to come up to me. I had the right to stand there,” he told the Good Morning America host. Nick also reminded the leftist hack morning show host that the Black hate preachers, Black Hebrew Israelites, slandered their school.


One of the most shocking tweets calling for violence against the Covington Catholic High School teenage boys came from Jack Morrissey, the co-producer of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast movie, which grossed approximately $1.3 billion for the woke company. Morrissey’s tweet called for “#MAGA Kids” to go “screaming, hats first, into the woodchipper.” His tweet was accompanied by a murder scene from the movie “Fargo.”

According to Hollywood actor Kevin Sorbo, as of Feb. 13, 2021, Morrissey was still employed by Disney.

Morrissey, who was allowed to remain on Twitter, despite his horrific call to violence against a group of Catholic teenagers, has since made his account private:

Morrissey’s professional IMDb account is also locked down, preventing the general public from discovering if Disney still employs him. Only members can access his resume.

Elon Musk rocked the nation when he released internal Twitter files to prove how the Biden campaign, the Democrat Party, and Twitter executives colluded to hide the Hunter Biden laptop story in advance of the 2020 election, thereby affecting the outcome of the election by hiding the truth about Joe and Jill Biden’s derelict son and his foreign dealings that included the “big guy” (Joe Biden) only weeks before the election.

Yesterday afternoon, Sandmann, who has successfully sued multiple media outlets for intentionally smearing the teenager and lying about what happened at the March for Life, is now asking Elon Musk to reveal any of the “hidden twitter files” related to the illegal threats against him when he was only 16 years old.

Yesterday, it was reported that Elon Musk had over 44K child exploitation accounts removed from Twitter. It would be great if Elon is serious about protecting children if he could help Sandmann to identify those who made death threats against him and what criteria exactly was behind the decision to allow them to continue posting on Twitter.


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