NBC ‘journalist’ claims reporting on the sexualization of children is ‘anti-LGBTQ’

The Post Millennial


The liberal about-face on free speech and the free press has been nothing short of astonishing. Those who once declared that freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion were paramount values to America, now routinely seek to silence conversations about ideas that they don’t agree with. And the way they do it is insidious, even as they believe, fully, that they are doing the moral and just thing by silencing other journalists and their ideas.

Libs of TikTok has been accused of violence for exposing teachers, authority figures, and activists in their own terms. Account holder Chaya Raichik has been said to incite terrorism for sharing marketing materials for things like drag queen story hour. Matt Walsh has been said to incite violence by asking “what is a woman?” A question that no one on the left wants to answer because they are more concerned with placating males who present as females than with recognizing the reality of biological sex.

Taylor LorenzBrandy Zadrozny, and others have called for the silencing of those accounts that report on the prevalence of child sex changes, the hospitals that do these “treatments,” and the doctors who drug and operate on young bodies for the purpose of “gender affirmation,” which is actually simply in service to critical gender ideology.

Zadrozny claimed that Libs of TikTok has culpability in the shooting at a Colorado nightclub last week in which 5 people were killed, and 18 were injured. Zadrozny, a senior reporter with NBC News, made the assumption, based on her own narrative, and then pointed fingers at Raichik, without proof, without any basis other than her own bias.

“Hateful and violent online rhetoric targeting LGBTQ people has been ratcheting up for months,” Zadrozny said. “Now, just hours after a deadly mass shooting at #ClubQ, the worst of these hate accounts, LibsofTikTok is targeting another drag event in Colorado.”

In defense of her supposition, she shared a tweet from Libs of Tiktok showing drag queen events for children in the state of Colorado. Libs of TikTok, in her post about the drag shows for kids, noted that the organization hosting the drag performances for child attendees does so in order to “teach kids how to become drag queens and help kids ‘safely experience the art of drag on stage.'” The account then noted that Colorado state reps promoted the event.

In her tweet about the drag shows for kids, Libs of TikTok pointed out that they were happening and gave information about local elected leaders that were supporting these events. That’s what is called reporting, but to Zadrozky, it’s “targeting.”

Reporting is not targeting, yet for so many liberal journalists in corporate media, journalism and discourse on topics they would want discussed only according to the terms of the going narrative, or would rather not be discussed at all, is nothing more than harassment that leads to violence.