‘Like Underwear At A Flea Market’: Gutfeld Roasts White House Celebrating Inflation Reduction Act [VIDEO]

Daily Caller


A Fox News panel lambasted the White House Tuesday after President Joe Biden celebrated the Inflation Reduction Act.

“It is like underwear at a flea market, I am not buying it. James Taylor again? Why are we torturing people? They did this to the French after a terrorist attack. I mean, come on!” co-host Greg Gutfeld said. “At least get somebody listenable. I could make some suggestions, maybe the Melvins, Slayer, Misfits, something good.”

“I am pleading with Republicans coming how to get your act together, you are never going to get an opportunity like this. This is the inmates running the asylum. Nothing they say is true. If you can’t beat these guys, then you do not deserve to win and it is sad, somebody wants it more,” Gutfeld continued, referring to attacks by Biden on supporters of former President Donald Trump. “Sometimes it feels like the Democrats want the stuff more because they’re just more ruthless, calling half of America terrorists, that means you came to play, right?”

Co-panelist Jesse Watters ripped the White House for holding the celebration after higher-than-expected inflation numbers were released Tuesday. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by 8.3% year-over-year in August following increases of 8.5% in July, a 9.1% in June and a 8.6% in May.

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