Kari Lake’s Democrat Opponent Katie Hobbs Welcomes “Sane Republican” RINO Liz Cheney To Arizona [VIDEO]

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Liberal Democrat Katie Hobbs has taken RINO Liz Cheney up on her offer to campaign with Katie Hobbs in Arizona.

Katie Hobbs won’t even agree to share a stage with Kari Lake and debate.

The astute researchers from the Kari Lake War Room discovered that Liz Cheney publicly sold out her lesbian sister to win her Senate race, despite privately expressing her approval, according to the LA Times.

With Katie Hobbs’s record of racism against a black staffer in the Arizona Senate, it makes sense that they’d team up.

Liz Cheney also proclaims herself to be “strongly pro-life.” On the other hand, Katie Hobbs voted against legislation requiring doctors to maintain the life of a baby who survives an abortion. Further, she voted against abortion limitations every chance she was given as a State Legislator.

Liz and Katie will have a lot to talk about.

The fact that Liz Cheney would even support Katie Hobbs is insane. She should just change her party registration now.

However, Katie Hobbs called her a “sane Republican” while welcoming the support of other “(in)sane Republicans.”

Liberal MSNBC smeared Kari Lake as an “election denier” before airing a clip of Liz Cheney and asking, “are we going to see you sharing the stage with Liz Cheney?”

Cheney: I’m gonna do everything I can to make sure that Kari Lake is not elected.

Hobbs: We welcome support of a broad coalition of folks to make sure that Arizona stays in the hands of a leader who’s going to bring sanity instead of chaos. If that if Liz Cheney wants to come to Arizona, I welcome her as well as the err broad coalition of of sane Republicans who want a sane leader in the governor’s office who’ve joined our campaign.

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