Kari Lake Slams Media: “Let’s talk about Election Deniers…” [VIDEO]

Daily Caller


Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake spent two minutes berating the media about “election deniers” after taking questions from the press at one of her Black Voices For Kari “Ask Me Anything Tour” stop.

Lake visited Phoenix where she and Jack Brewer discussed her upcoming race.

Lake stopped for questions after her speech when she was asked about claims that she is an election denier. Lake whipped out several pages of “research” done by a 20-year-old named Anthony highlighting all the times Democrats have denied election outcomes.

“Let’s talk about election deniers, here’s 150 examples of Democrats denying election results,” she said, holding up the papers. “Oh wow, look at this, this is from Joe Biden’s press secretary: ‘reminder, Brian Kemp stole the gubernatorial election from Georgians and Stacey Abrams,’ a Democrat saying that, an election denier!”

“Oh look at this, ‘just heard Republican Ryan Costello said it would be difficult for Stacey Abrams to win because she lost her state bid, but she’s still claiming she never lost.’”

“Hillary Clinton: ‘Trump is an illegitimate President’,” Lake said as she held up a copy of The Washington Post’s reporting on the former Secretary of State.

“So it’s okay for Democrats to question elections but it’s not okay for Republicans? It’s crock of BS, everyone knows it, we have our freedom of speech and we’re not gonna relinquish it to a bunch of fake news propagandists,” Lake said before offering everyone copies of the research.

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