‘How Is Joe Biden Not Guilty?’: Jesse Watters Calls Out Biden’s Rhetoric After Politically Motivated Killing

Daily Caller


Fox News host Jesse Watters and historian Victor Davis Hanson called out President Joe Biden’s attacks on supporters of former President Donald Trump Wednesday after a North Dakota teen was allegedly killed over his political views.

“It’s Republicans who are the problem, right? Not just kicking over a table. It’s gone much further. ‘Primetime reported last night on an 18-year-old man in North Dakota, brutally murdered over his political beliefs. By a guy who thought he was one of those ultra MAGA fascists Joe Biden warned us about,” Watters said. “Apparently there was a confrontation. The suspect, 41-year-old Shannon Brandt, said he was afraid for his life, so he ran the Republican kid over with his truck. So a lunatic kills a teenager over his politics, leaves him there for dead in an alleyway.”

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