Gutfeld Responds! Martina Navratilova Claims ‘Greg Gutfeld is a Misogynistic and a Not Funny at All Asswipe’ [VIDEO]



Co-host of Fox News’s The Five, Greg Gutfeld, tore into Democrats on Wednesday on a variety of issues and declared the “Democratic Party, in a way, has become the party of young, angry, single women.”

“On one side, Biden and the media are creating this psychological conflict between Trump peace and democracy. And yet, when you go outside, everybody’s happy, everybody’s fine,” Gutfeld began.

“Meanwhile, with actual real people, parents, there’s a real battle going on. It’s an education because the battle involves their kids. This is not a fabricated conflict. You know, when you have lockdowns, when you have drag shows, when did all of this happen?” he continued, eventually pivoting to abortion.

“I’m going to act like Jesse and make a broad statement. I remember when I was watching the protests after 2016, when Trump won and I saw the protests, it was a lot of single women,” he said, adding:

It wasn’t a lot of men. And the men there, they weren’t exquisite specimens.  Let’s face it.

But I saw a lot of young, angry females and the Democratic Party, in a way, has become the party of young, angry, single women, right?

They place abortion before babies. Right. It’s their right to have convenience up to the birth abortion on demand up to birth. That is not a party for a family. That’s not it. That’s a psychosis.

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