First Twitter, Now YouTube: Elon Musk Hints At Alternative Video Streaming Service

The Blue State Conservative


Elon Musk remains entangled in a legal battle with Twitter, but that isn’t stopping him from considering further explorations to combat online censorship. Citing Twitter as being a modern town square, he felt the need to ensure free speech. Now, that battle might be heading over to YouTube in light of a recent episode involving the selective censorship of one of the biggest red-pilled celebrities on the platform.

The Daily Wire wrote about comedian-turned-actor-turned-red-pill-voice-extraordinaire Russell Brand’s recent silencing. Brand has built a massive following since early 2020 by focusing on corrupt globalist ambitions and exposing shocking truths about the Covid pandemic. Daily Wire wrote:

Entrepreneur Elon Musk suggested this week that he was potentially interested in working with an alternative platform to YouTube after the left-wing tech company reportedly censored actor Russell Brand this week.

Brand claimed he was “officially censored by YouTube” for promoting misinformation related to the coronavirus pandemic, to which he responded by showing clips of leftist media personalities making false claims related to the pandemic and YouTube not taking action against their accounts.

Brand also claimed in the video that the reason that YouTube does not take action against these personalities is because YouTube is actually part of the mainstream media. Musk responded to Brand’s video saying, “Good point.”

Brand’s video explaining his YouTube censorship can be seen below: