FBI admits it ‘routinely’ violates the First Amendment after Zuckerberg bombshell



What exactly does the FBI consider a potential threat? And to whom? Clearly, the FBI was only concerned with protecting Joe Biden before the election … hey, Mark Zuckerberg said so.

From The Hill:

The FBI said that it “routinely notifies” private sector entities, including social media companies, of information related to potential threats after Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook limited the distribution of a controversial story leading up to the 2020 presidential election because of an FBI warning.

The statement followed Zuckerberg’s appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast on Thursday in which Zuckerberg said Facebook limited stories on the news feed related to the New York Post’s article about President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his laptop after the FBI warned the company to be aware of potentially polarizing content.

Notice they don’t bring up the crap they pulled in 2020, you know, when they claimed the Hunter Biden story was Russian disinformation and it obviously and clearly was NOT.

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