“Family Friendly” NC Pride Event Features Toddlers on Stripper Poles With Mostly-Nude Women [VIDEO]

100% Fed Up


The Charlotte Pride Festival and Parade took place over the weekend, and this year advertised its “newly expanded Youth & Family Zone.”

On its social media, Charlotte Pride posted videos of its attendees blowing bubbles, dancing around, and twirling rainbow umbrellas. They posted pictures of children with people in drag, promoting the “family friendliness” of the event.

However, they failed to show the truly graphic, sexual scenes that children in attendance were subjected to. Apparently, “pride” now means “strip club.”

People in attendance at this event posted videos that were significantly less ‘G-rated’ than the ones that the festival organizers wanted the public to see.

Libs of TikTok posted videos from some of the festivalgoers that show topless women wearing only paint over their breasts, women in g-string thongs and lingerie twerking on stripper poles, women spreading their legs while other women slap their bottoms, and other overly-sexualized activities while children stand in the crowd watching it all happen.

And, as if that wasn’t already bad enough, a video also surfaced of a TODDLER being held on a nearly-nude woman’s breasts as she twirls around on a stripper pole. This happening in our country is not something we should take “pride” in.

The parents who brought their kids to this event where public indecency is rampant should be ashamed.


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