Elon Musk opens door to working with Rumble after Russell Brand censored by YouTube

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to YouTube censoring actor Russell Brand this week, indicating that he would be interested in possibly working with alternative platform Rumble to counter the silencing of free speech.

Brand proclaimed he was “officially censored by YouTube” because the left-wing platform nailed him for promoting COVID misinformation. In response, he aired clips showing leftist media personalities making false pandemic claims that YouTube took absolutely no action against.

He said, “We made an apology video, we’ve taken that down as well, YouTube took down our original video, we’ve taken down the apology video because in case we reiterate the claim while apologizing for it.”

“We made an error, in my opinion, a relatively small error, and we’re being penalized! For me, that looks like censorship, and the reason I think it looks like censorship is because there’s mainstream media misinformation up all the time,” Brand said, according to Fox News.

“So we’re asking: Is there one standard for independent news broadcasters like us on our channel, and a different standard for what we would call the ‘mainstream media?’” he asked.

The actor asserted that YouTube is actually part of the mainstream media. Musk appreciated his stance and tweeted to Brand, “Good point.”

Conservative Dan Bongino suggested that Musk team up with Rumble, “Elon, It would be really incredible if you and Rumble got together. A force multiplier like no other.” He responded, “I’m a little preoccupied [right now].”

Chris Pavlovksi, who is the founder of Rumble, told Musk via Twitter, “Elon, I founded Rumble and forever wanted to work with you.”

“Below is from 2010 when I visited SpaceX. I was ready 12 years ago, and I’m ready 12 years from now. Whenever you’re ready 🚀,” he told the space mogul. “In the meantime, let’s peer our datacenters with Starlink to secure free speech 🙂”

Musk opened the door to the possibility by replying, “Maybe worth talking at some point.”

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