Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin Defends Woke War Against Russia



A poll shows reduced support for U.S. economic aid to Ukraine’s government, and Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin is justifying the military campaign against nuclear-armed Russia as a war in defense of woke values.

“Moscow right now is … a world center of antifeminist, antigay, anti-trans hatred, as well as the homeland of replacement theory for export,” Raskin (D-MD) said in October 25 statement that was issued after 30 progressives withdrew their plea for peace talks. His letter said:

Moscow right now is a hub of corrupt tyranny, censorship, authoritarian repression, police violence, propaganda, government lies and disinformation, and planning for war crimes … In supporting Ukraine, we are opposing these fascist views, and supporting the urgent principles of democratic pluralism. Ukraine is not perfect, of course, but its society is organized on the radically different principles of democracy and freedom …

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is an “imperialist” and a “colonizer,” Raskin said in his letter, which was released just two weeks before the Democrats are expected to lose in the midterm elections.

The October 25 poll asked: “What type of ongoing aid from the U.S. for Ukraine are you most likely to support?”

Just 40 percent supported a continued inflow of weaponry and money to Ukraine, according to the poll of 1,079 respondents by the Trafalgar Group.

Twenty-five percent opposed any aid.

Thirty-one percent favor a continued transfer of weaponry — but not money — to Ukraine, whose economy and infrastructure have been wrecked by Russia’s guided weapons.

Other polls shows strong support for Ukraine, but weaker GOP support and much worry about nuclear weapons.

The Raskin statement justifies President Joe Biden’s strategy in the Ukraine war and also seeks to counter the rising worries among right-of-center advocates and the establishment’s foreign policy professionals. Other Biden supporters are pushing back about public worries. “They’re tactical nukes — they’re just bigger versions of what a conventional attack would be,” said Neil deGrasse Tyson, a Harvard-trained scientist and “science communicator.”

GOP leaders are also showing the first signs of a split.

Multiple GOP candidates are urging limits on air for Ukraine. “We’ve got to stop the money spigot to Ukraine eventually,” GOP Senate candidate J.D. Vance told a TV station in Ohio.

“I think people are gonna be sitting in a recession and they’re not going to write a blank check to Ukraine,” GOP House leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), told Punchbowl News in an October 28 article. “Ukraine is important, but at the same time, it can’t be the only thing they do, and it can’t be a blank check.”

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