Californians Bracing for Blackouts, Worried About Recharging Battery-Powered Cars

Todd Starnes


If you live in California you might want to trade in your electric car for a gas guzzler.

The state’s power grid is in grave danger of failing.

The California Independent System Operator says a heat wave could result in power cutbacks.

That’s means turning thermostats up to 78 degrees and washing dishes by hand. It also means that motorists will only be able to charge their electric vehicles with a five-hour time span.

But if there’s a black out — no one will be able to recharge their cars.

Now this is a big deal because Governor Gavin Newsom just announced that he plans to ban all gasoline powered vehicles by 2035.

And the state has already learned the hard way that wind and solar power is not reliable.

In other words — you folks in the Golden State may need to get a good pair of walking shoes.

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