BRUTAL! AOC Accuses Right Of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’: Gets TORCHED Over Magically Stopping To Care About Border After Trump



Funny how AOC stopped crying about the illegal immigrants at the border AFTER Trump left office.

Huh, almost as if she only cared because it was politically convenient at the time to do so. Gosh, you’d think she’d be angrier than EVER about what we’re seeing at the border as Biden has allowed it to become a sieve and the people crossing are sleeping on the streets because there is no more room.

But oh no, she’s too busy complaining about DeSantis sending 48 illegal immigrants to a luxury island to talk about the real problem of our southern border.

And if anyone knows what appalling looks like, it’s AOC.

But see, for AOC it’s not about actually solving the problem or helping people.

It’s about politics

Case in point …

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