Blake Masters: ‘Hologram Candidate’ Mark Kelly Is Using ‘the Biden Hide-in-the-Basement 2020 Strategy’ [VIDEO]



Appearing Tuesday on the Fox News Channel’s Ingraham Angle, Blake Masters, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Arizona, mocked rival Sen. Mark Kelly (D) as a “hologram candidate” who takes a lax approach to campaigning.

LAURA INGRAHAM: Where is Mark Kelly? I never see him ever. It’s not that you have to live and breathe on television, but it’s like he doesn’t exist.

BLAKE MASTERS: He hides away. He does the Joe Biden hide-in-the-basement 2020 strategy.

INGRAHAM: The hologram candidacy.

MASTERS: He’s a hologram candidate. He’s got all this money and he runs these fake ads, and he pretends to be a moderate Republican. But actually, no. People know he’s voting in D.C. in lockstep with Joe Biden’s agenda between 94 percent and 97 percent of the time. Basically, when it matters most, Chuck Schumer owns Mark Kelly’s vote.

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