Anti-Wall Biden Building $490,000 Taxpayer-Funded Security Fence around Beach House

Washington Examiner


President Joe Biden is building a $490,000 taxpayer-funded security fence around his Delaware beach house. The Department of Homeland Security awarded a company $456,548 to install the fence in September of last year, according to Since the original payment, costs have crept up to $490,324. “Due to the need to maintain operational security, the U.S. Secret Service does not comment on the means, methods or resources used to conduct our protective operations,” the Secret Service told Fox News when reached for comment regarding the construction.

According to, there have been two additional payments on top of the original $456,548 that led to the current total. A payment of $6,844 was made on Nov. 30, for “SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT FOR WORK WITHIN SCOPE,” specifically the installation of three “6X6 GRAVEL PADS AND CRANE SERVICES.” The latest payment was made on June 8, to the total of $26,933, for “ADDITIONAL WORK.”

The anticipated end date for the construction is given as June 6, 2023.

Biden is expected to head back to the $2.7 million Delaware beach house on Saturday, Fox News reported.


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