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The original Tea Party

It represented the rejection of a heavy-handed, authoritarian power intent on maintaining and expanding that power and suppressing any and all dissent.

2022 finds Americans again subject to the policies of an authoritarian-leaning political and technology elite that increasingly cancels independent thought, freedom of speech, and the pursuit of happiness in favor of policies inconsistent with the framework established by our country’s forefathers. That framework, guaranteed in the constitution, enabled all individuals to achieve big dreams and create the greatest country in history.

Sadly, that way of life has come under assault and is gravely threatened. It needs to be reclaimed and re-established.

Your Country Needs You

The Townhall For Conservatives

Leadership Clown Show

Joe Biden

Kamala Harris

Nancy Pelosi

It’s time the Tea Party took back its place as the town hall for conservatives Americans to meet, discuss, brainstorm and share their thoughts without the progressive globalist elites pushing their agendas and shutting down middle class Americans. Also, a return to sanity of fiscal accountability, decentralized government and a return of power and control to the people. It’s time for Tea Party Townhall is not a celebrity personality cult.

 It’s for all of us. Join the movement.

With your help we can

Restore America